What Jewellery Should I Buy For My Girlfriend?

jewellery for girlfriends

Buying gifts for girlfriends is a challenge, it doesn’t matter how old you get, it’s almost impossible to get it right. AT least that;s what you always convince yourself of. The main reason for this is that you care about them so much and you want your gift to not only portray that to them but you really just want them to like what you have bought them.

Jewellery is a great way to express how much you care for your girlfriend and it doesn;t have to be overly expensive or so sorry that she thinks you’re not far off proposing to her. It’s just a really lovely sentiment and most women loveee being gifted jewellery.

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How To Choose The Perfect Piece of Personalised Jewellery For Your Girlfriend

If you really want to impress her with a piece of jewellery she’s going to love and treasure, then this depends on your ability to translate your feelings, thoughts or appreciation for her in your gift.

Look for hints about her fashion choices:

  • What kind of clothing is she wearing?
  • What colours is she gravitating towards?
  • Is it in a maximalist or minimalist style?

You may want to go through all of Sherlock mode to try to find clues about her new jewellery collection if she has one.

Once you’ve found this, pick a piece that suits it and compliments it. You could end up getting her an item that’s a jewellery staple, or you could get her a piece that’s missing from her set. And even though you swing the bat and miss it, she’ll know that you’ve put a lot of thought into it and you’re still going to win!

Don’t forget:

Although the bling says a lot about itself as cliché as it sounds, what makes it more unique is the thought and attention that has been given to it. The right gift is going to show her that you recognise and you get her more than you show and more than she realises! Saying that, while the thought counts, if you get the gift correct, you’re going to be on to a winner for sure!

Now if you’re thinking about what piece to buy, note that every piece of jewellery comes with its own symbolism. You may choose to totally ignore this part, but you’re likely to score brownie points by knowing these!

Make It Meaningful Choice

AFter considering her style and fashion or if you aren’t sure what her style and fashion is then the next best go to – is to buy something with her birthstone in it. If you know the month your girlfriend was born in then you can 100% get her a meaningful gift that she will LOVE!

A necklace also represents a bond between individuals and a desire to continue growing together as a couple. A bracelet also represents the same and is a much better idea for couples who haven’t been together too long.

Gift of a Bracelet

What Jewellery Should I Buy For My Girlfriend?

Friendship Disk Bracelet – Issy.uk

Visible at a glance, the bracelet tells the same thing about you as the giver: available both in desperate times and not.

Sometimes put near or parallel to a watch, it shows your partner that you are capable of versatile time and attention when it comes to it.

Buying The Earrings

A pair of earrings not only offers a pop of magic on the simple facial features but also shows your companion, more importantly, that you’re willing to lend your ear to listen.

What Jewellery Should I Buy For My Girlfriend?

Double Heart Earrings – Issy.uk

Personalised Flower Bouquet 19cm Rose Gold Bracelet



Selecting The Ring

The ring symbolises promise, deep engagement and understanding that the relationship is honoured and taken seriously.

To show the firmness of your pledge, a ring is the perfect thing to bond your partner and you to an unfathomable connection that is sacred to both of you. Choose this carefully and on the right occasion. You don’t want to send the wrong message!

Match The Gift To The Occasion

Think of what times you would like to celebrate birthdays, graduations, birthdays, holidays, marriages and coming-of-age activities, among others.


Birthstone presents are a perfect birthday idea. In which month is your girl born? There is a gemstone that corresponds to that month.

The birthstone is a very thoughtful and meaningful present. Most retailers carry birthstone collections so it won’t be difficult to find a piece. Blue Nile’s excellent collection of birthstone jewellery is recommended.

Personalised Birthstone Necklaces

Personalised Birthstone Necklace – Issy.uk

Personalised Sterling Silver Birthstone Bracelet

Personalised Sterling Silver Birthstone Stretch Bracelet – Issy.uk

Wedding Anniversaries

There are all the ‘firsts’ that you’ve had together. The day you met, the date you got engaged, married — whatever means something to you. It’s best to go all out for particularly big dates like turning 40 or making super important anniversaries like silver and gold.

For these events, if you want to purchase jewellery, it is preferable to choose a necklace, earring or bracelet and give extra thought to the design (more on Symbols, Patterns and Meanings). You might want to be more sophisticated with your choices, so you’ll be sure to please them. For example, branch out from the regular purchases of birthstone to other lesser-known but rare and special coloured gems. E.g. instead of a December baby topaz, why not opt for a gorgeous blue zircon or lapis lazuli?


They’re also portrayed by rings. You may offer a different piece of jewellery, but it’s not going to have the same effect.

If you’re not ready to make such a pledge, choose the ring of promise. Think of it as a ring of pre-commitment. It indicates a degree of engagement without a hint of marriage.

Choosing Your Metal and Your Stone

Choosing the metal for jewellery is an entire subject in itself so read our article on how to select the right metal for detailed details.

But here, let’s keep it short.

There are three main styles when it comes to metal types.

  • Silver/white gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Yellow Gold
  • Silver

The colour you select depends on her tastes as well as on what looks best for her.

Some skin tones, for example, look better with certain metals. A good sign is to find out what kind of jewellery she usually wears.

If it leans strongly towards silver-coloured metals, you may select white gold, platinum, titanium or silver. Though platinum is the most costly of the three, it is the most durable and therefore usually a better investment.

Yellow gold is appreciated for its classy, timeless look. It’s often dressier than white gold, and it has always been related to being precious.

Rose gold, also known as red gold or pink gold, is the emerging favourite form of gold, particularly for the millennial generation. It varies from other types of gold in terms of its copper content but represents an indescribably appealing charm for the wearer.

Are you thinking about a gemstone?

Diamonds are not always the best friend of the girl (major marketing campaign alert), but their key benefit is that they are incredibly durable and can add effortless class to any outfit.

Personally, we think diamonds are overrated. If you need a diamond, but it’s beyond your reach, try a moissanite for an incredible diamond-like alternative.

We suggest Charles and Colvard moissanite because they are the undisputed pioneers in the production of moissanite and were the first to manufacture moissanite.

Another diamond simulator is cubic zirconia, but maybe it’s better not to go for cubic zirconia, as it’s possible that you’ll come across as cheap (I may be wrong, and maybe your girl’s going to appreciate your legal, sustainable and monetary sensitivities, and if so, she is definitely a keeper!).

9ct Gold Diamond Necklace for girlfriend

9ct Gold ‘Dancing Heart’ Diamond Necklace – Issy.uk

Are Diamonds The Only Girls Best Friend?

Diamonds and similar-looking gemstones, however, do not cover all the beautiful choices available. You may opt to invest in other jewels that are just as naturally dazzling and eye-catching.

Instead of top-level gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies, you can select what we call mid-range gemstones such as Topaz, lapis lazuli, amethyst, aquamarine, opal or citrine. They certainly add a splash of colour to the suit, and they also have a lot of personality, sense and symbolism.

Symbols, Designs and Meaning

As prestigious as jewellery is if your message is not captured properly, it will always come across as an empty box. Rather than concentrating heavily on glitz and glitter, it makes sense for you to redirect the priority to the value that you are trying to build.

Here are some of the top symbols most used in jewellery:

The anchor symbolises hope and offers a message of steadfast, undying love and a secure hold on the soul.

Crescent shapes/moon designs are also popular with new relationships, reflecting the giver’s anticipation of their “waxing” into matrimony.

Figure 8 and The Lover’s Knot indicate eternity and a perpetually sweet idea of eternity.

The crucifix is a relationship based on Christ.

Horseshoe and 4-Leafed Clover means good luck.

Ivy and Evergreens stress commitment and wedded love.

The keys are a symbol for the power to open the heart and the

Padlock stands for security, fidelity and loyalty.

Another very nice way to do this is to customise a piece of jewellery to be completely unique.

Take notes from inside jokes, underground enthusiasts, and personal codes and languages. Bank on those little quirks to be the highlight of your gift, like icing on a cake. This would make more of an impact than any other famous symbol.

Picking Out the Right Size

Think about how the jewellery would look on your partner as you make your choice. Essentially, its size should be in proportion to her physical size. A big ring is going to dwarf a tiny finger. A big earring on a small ear makes the ear appear even smaller. Disproportions can only create distress for the wearer, however stunning the present might be.

So how are you going to choose the size?

Generally, the size charts should be available in speciality jewellery shops. Others also have unique measuring instruments for a more precise scale.

If you’re trying to keep the gift a secret, it’s going to be a more challenging mission. You will have to take a comparison of the jewellery that she already wears, by steadfastly measuring it.

Choose Quality

Value is not directly related to paying the highest dollar or purchasing a high-end jewellery brand. Just because you’re purchasing a jewellery product created by a trustworthy and well-established designer, that doesn’t automatically make it any better than others.

When shopping for jewellery, follow the steps below to make sure you choose a high-quality piece without you having to break the bank.

Look for any damage, scratches or stains before purchase.

For gemstones – obtain a certificate of authenticity (if applicable), search for inclusions and other defects, ask for details on stone treatments/enhancements.

For metals – check What karat it is by searching for a hallmark and look at the craftsmanship of the piece.

If you need to keep costs down as a priority OR if you want a natural and ethical stone, consider laboratory-made or synthetic stones. They are the same as natural stones, except they have no rarity or expense. These are, however, less desirable.

Imitation or assembled stones may look natural at first sight but maybe pure glass or plastic. Check that the gemstone is genuine by getting it graded if that’s what you’re going for.

Read all warranties and assurances in advance of purchase. Ask for a replacement cost certificate or an assessment detailing the unique qualities of your gemstone to accompany your receipt.

Review the return policy

Where to Shop – The Online Vs. Physical Store Conundrum

When you have a semi-concrete image of the item in mind, go back to your proverbial workstation and analyse the options available.

Are you going to shop online or in a physical store? This is one of the questions that many readers are asking us.

Shopping online

Apparently, this has its own advantages. First and foremost, you’re going to have the world of jewellery at your fingertips. This gives you a chance to evaluate and compare price and quality and narrow down your hunt. The downside is that this wide variety of options can lead to decision fatigue and uncertainty, making it more difficult to make a decision.

Another advantage of online shopping is that there are no retailers who can manipulate your decision or breathe down your neck. Instead, some places offer 24/7 chat services where you can ask all of your questions. Often, online customer service is great, and there is a lot of assistance.

Online jewellery giants like James Allen give you the chance to design your own jewellery. If you don’t even have to leave your home, you can pick your item and have it packaged and shipped directly to your loved one.

Take a look at our full range of personalised gifts and personalised jewellery for her.


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