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Are you looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for the most perfect gift but aren’t sure where to stay? Take a look at our helpful guide to thoughtful gift ideas for all sorts of occasions and people including birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and more. A gift that you put a lot of thought into will be treasured for a lifetime.

Take a look at our thoughtful gifts idea suggestions for 2020-2021 and beyond.


Our definition of a thoughtful gift is something that is personal to the receiver. A personalised gift is just one of great gift ideas and offers the perfect way to let someone know you think they’re a great person.

Here are some things to consider before shopping for that thoughtful gift for that special person. Some of our favourite gifts have custom designs with custom letters or numbers added to them.

Do You Want The Gift To Make The Recipient Feel Like You Know Them Well?

When looking for gift ideas – have a think about what the recipient enjoys, what do they enjoy? Do they have any hobbies? Once you know this you’ll be able to come up with lots of gift ideas based on those ideas.

Do You Want The Gift To Tell A Story or Make Them Remember Something?

Do you want your gift to represent a memory that you share with the person you are giving it to? Maybe a special date, or for you to have a giggle about that one time you slipped over on the ice walking down the street! Whatever it is, you can put that memory on to a gift to give to them so that it rekindles that memory between you.

Personalise A Gift With ‘Their story’

GIve a thoughtful gift that represents a memory, an interest, a hobby or a joke or remark made in a conversation. There are important moments in the history of a person’s life, and when a gift suits the moment, it’s awesome to personalise a gift with something they will relate to. For the 40th anniversary of my parents’ wedding, my sister created and framed a poster from the moment they first met—a wonderful gift that tells the storey of their lives. Nice work, Sis!

Personalise A Gift With ‘Our Story’

Or you can choose a gift that will remind your recipient of your storey together. Maybe a reminder of a shared experience, maybe a common interest, maybe a reference to an in-joke that you laughed at together. A meaningful, memorable gift less often creates a story and more often amplifies a relationship, connection, or storey that already exists.

Create New Memories With Your Gift

Sometimes a gift is great because it has a storey in itself. Getting gifts that are funny, romantic or sentimental can create new memories all by themselves. GIving something that helps people believe in themselves more or explains to them how much you love them and that remembered so much about them will mean a great deal to the receiver.

That’s why personalised gifts are extra thoughtful and meaningful.

Get A Thoughtful Gift That Deepens Your Connection

As we have touched on above, a special present will always make a person feel well known, loved and appreciated. But there is also another inherent need for people especially in interactions such as gift-giving: a need and a desire for connection outside of ourselves and in the love of another.

Does the gift give a sense of belonging to a global community like a charity, country or project? Did the production of the gift help to create local jobs? Was the business you purchased the gift started by a young entrepreneur in a poorer nation?

Whenever my mum and dad took me away on holiday when i was younger, my dad would always take me to the arcade, now every Christmas, I buy him something related to to that and also to the holiday destinations we went to when I was younger and on Father’s day, I always give him a personalised photo frame with a photo inside from one of those holidays. It never fails to bring a tear to his eye.

What’s the Celebration or Occassion?

There are an infinite number of reasons you could be looking to buy a thoughtful gift for someone you care abouts. From Birthdays to new babies to gifts for your husband or wife and all that’s in between. We have become avid gift givers and find ourselves trying to outdo each other year on year.

The reason or occasion must be taken into account, along with the person to whom you are giving the gift. What could be suitable as a Christmas gift may not work for a Valentine’s day gift.

Will The Recipient Receive More Than Just A Gift From You?

Some gifts are described as gifts that give back. These types of gifts can be charity related, donated for others, ethical or eco friendly and more. These types of gifts help others or the environment while also bringing joy to the receiver.

Gifts that give back give to the cause your gift supports and help to create a better world and a better future for us all. Some companies run charitable campaigns alongside the products they sell, this encourages the best in humanity and should be highly applauded.

Mistake To Avoid When Buying Gifts

Remember That it’s Not About You

Take yourself out of the equation and focus your efforts of finding a gift solely on the person you are buying for and not yourself. The gift should make them feel special, bring memories to the surface or relate to them and their hobbies and interests – not your own.

Ideas For Thoughtful Gifts For Everyone

Here are a few gift ideas for him, for her, for kids, grandparents, fiances, boyfriends and girlfriends that you can personalise and gift to that special someone in your life – whatever the reason may be.

These gifts are great for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and much more – personalise them with your own words or search for something online that suits the product and says what you need it to. Here are some of our best thoughtful gift ideas for everyone:

Personalised New Dad Survival Box

Price: £21.99 – £34.99

new dad survival kit

Personalised ‘My Mini Artwork Masterpiece’ Bone China Mug

Price: £14.99

personalised china mug

Personalised Top Golfer Wooden Photo Frame

Price: £16.99

personalised photo frame

Personalised Family Together Jigsaw Keyring

Price: £17.99

personalised keyrings for the whole family

Personalised Wedding Anniversary Planter

Price: £29.99

thoughtful wedding anniversary gift

Personalised ‘Any Message’ Wooden Hammer

Price: £16.99

personalised hammer gift

Personalised Mens Rose Gold & Brown Watch

Price: £35.99

thoughtful personalised watch

Personalised ‘Merry Christmas’ Champagne Bottle

Price: £44.99

personalised champagne for christmas

Personalised Own Handwriting Twisted Leather Bracelet

Price: £35.99

Personalised bracelet

All of the thoughtful gifts that we have listed above are available for home delivery. With a few clicks you can add your customisation, pay for your item and we can have it out for delivery to you within a few days. Get a good look at the rest of our personalised gift options and some of the best thought provoking gifts in the UK then head on over to our website

Personalised gifts are the perfect way to show someone how much you care about or love them. There are also many family themed gifts available such as family keyrings and family photo albums where you can add all of your favourite photos of your most treasured memories so they can be looked back upon for years to come.


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