The Best Personalised Gifts For Wedding Anniversary 2022

the best personalised wedding anniversary gifts uk

Marriages are a critical step in any couple’s life. Such main gatherings bring together close friends and family to share the couple’s joy and happiness. Wedding anniversaries still remain the most wonderful occasions to celebrate the love that the two people share, given the tribulations that are usually encountered during the marital voyage.

Most societies view the anniversary of the marital union as a momentous event. This is usually celebrated to remind couples of their marital partnership in meaningful ways. Much work is put into sourcing gifts that symbolise the couple’s happiness and joy at still being together, after many years.

It seems quite tricky to pick the right wedding anniversary gift, because it requires some thought, especially if you haven’t a clue where to start. Suppose you put enough consideration into your gift shopping plan. In that case, you’ll end up with a super special wedding anniversary gift idea for your parents, friends or partner by showing them you are really thinking about it. Include the following tips when choosing you a wedding anniversary gift that’s personalised and personal to those you are gifting it to.

Base Your Personalised Gift On A Theme

You’ll have to base your gift purchase on the theme of the year. Every wedding anniversary year has a theme. In reality, there are two themes per year: traditional and new. The third theme category is travel, as most couples take a vacation to celebrate their anniversary. You should consider personalised wedding gifts, especially if you’re not 100% sure about how many years the happy couple have been together.

Number of Years In Marriage

Here are a few personalised gift ideas for some of the most commonly celebrated wedding anniversary years:

2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cotton

THough the loving couple haven’t been together for long, celebrating anniversaries is top of their radar, still fresh in love and in the honeymoon phase the loving couple is likely still filling their home with trinkets of the love they have for each other. A cotton cushions, personalised with the couples names or a loving message is a perfect gift either for your partner or someone you know who is celebrating their 2nd year in marriage.

Personalised Couples Grey Heart Cushion Cover

cotton cushion cover for wedding anniversary uk

5th Wedding Anniversary – Wood

If the loving couple are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary then the traditions and customs that be, recommend that you buy them a wooden themed gift. WIth that in mind we have a super cool, personalised Mr & Mrs wine bottle and glass holder, perfect for an evening in the hot tub or a picnic in the garden or a local beauty spot.

Personalised ‘Mr & Mrs’ Wine Glass & Bottle Butler

wooden gift for wedding anniversary uk

54th Anniversary – Glass

If you are looking to buy an anniversary gift for a couple that have been together a long time, 54 years to be precise then a personalised glass gift would be perfect. From vases to wine glasses there is a big selection of glass themed anniversary gifts you could give, the couple doesn’t have to be celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary to get a glass gift but it’s a nice sentiment if they actually are!

Here’s one of our favourite anniversary vases:

Personalised Your Sentiments Glass Vase

personalised vase for wedding anniversary gift uk

Base Your Personalised Wedding Anniversary Gift On An Interest

Base your gift buying on interest to show your recipients just how well you know them. This might sound a tad obvious, right? For example, if it’s your Mum and dad’s anniversary and they have a particular interest in a specific hobby, subject, or sport, go ahead and use that as your gift idea. Here are a few personalised gifts you could consider buying for those who have particular interests rather than basing your gift on a specific number of years.

Anniversary Gifts For Wine Lovers

There’s quite a few of us who love a nice glass of wine to celebrate special occasions and most of us at some point have been given an alcohol based gift like champagne or wine for our special occasions. Personalised bottles of wine do the same thing only they can be kept for years and years and can become mementos to be kept and opened on special occasions like the birth of a new child or renewing of your vows, you know, we do these kinds of things as humans, things are often just too precious for us to open and drink which makes them even more wonderful to give and receive. oN the other hand, if the bottle of wine is personalised with the date of the celebration then why not open it and enjoy it and save the bottle to remember the day, put some flowers or a candle in the bottles after they have been drunk and put them on display to remember the day forever.

Personalised wine glasses or champagne glasses are also a wonderful idea. Here’s some personalised alcoholic gifts you can give for an anniversary gift that will be well received, just check they drink before gifting it.

Personalised ‘His Lordship’ and ‘Her Ladyship’ Wine Glass Set

personalised wine glasses for wedding anniversary

Personalised Bottle of Prosecco

personalised prosecco glasses for wedding anniversary

Personalised Champagne Celebration Flutes with Swarovski Elements in Gift Box

personalised champagne flutes uk

Personalised Anniversary Gifts For The Home

If your friends or relatives whose anniversary is coming up don;t drink or you don;t want to buy them an alcohol related wedding anniversary gift then you should consider buying them something for their home that they can enjoy together. LIke matching mugs when they sit down for a cuppa or something cool and personalised for the kitchen, Here’s a few of our modern anniversary gift ideas that can be personalised;

Personalised Two Hearts Slate Coaster Set

named love heart coaster for wedding anniverdary

Personalised Two become One Heart Mug Set

personalised wedding anniversary mugs

Personalised Wooden Heart Shaped Chopping Board

personalised love heart chopping board for anniversary

Gift Something That Was Missing From Their Wedding

Have you ever heard your mother or anniversary gift recipient tell you that their wedding day was less than ideal? Ok, now is your chance to get things right for them. hiThe wedding video or photographs may not have been as good as she had planned or there may have been something missing that they wished they’d have had. If this is the case, then ring a photographer and getting those missing items in the photos with them is a really thoughtful idea or maybe even just buying those missing things for them.

Be Romantic

Romance is, after all, an integral part of every wedding anniversary. And any gift you’re considering for the occasion should be romantic and thoughtful.

You can start with a romantic letter written from the very bottom of your heart or a beautiful, romantic message written on a personalised gift item from our collection. Team your personalised anniversary gift up with long-stemmed roses depending on how many years they’ve been together. That sentimental gift will be priceless forever and will always be treasured and remembered.

To see all of our personalised anniversary gift options take a look at our anniversary gifts page or head over to our online store to see all of the personalised items we have available on our site. We hope you found this anniversary gift guide useful and we hope you managed to get some inspiration or find the perfect item to gift for your loved ones anniversary in 2022.


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