The Best Gifts To Buy For Golfers If You’re On A Budget

personalised gifts for golfing enthusiasts

Do you need a Christmas gift idea for a golfer on your list? Asking these questions will help you find the right item for this holiday season.

There might be no sport with more accessories than golf. When it comes to gift ideas, the choices are almost endless. But, if you don’t play the game yourself, the gift environment can get pretty confusing.

As someone who has received golf gifts, whether, from family members and friends, we have a pretty good grasp of the X-factor that can help you choose a gift that will get a lot of use instead of one that ends up in the back of the closet.

If you didn’t already know, golf is one of the most popular sports worldwide with many people around the world heading to their local and national golf courses for a round daily and it’s also played as a professional sport by many talented golfers like Justin Rose for huge sums of money should they win.

Below are a few ideas and questions to ask before buying a gift from your golfer in 2020.

What Should You Look For In A Golfing Shirt?

It may seem like a great item to purchase, but finding the right colour and fit can be difficult. Sizes and styles differ a lot more from brand to brand than you might ever think. A medium-sized polo from the Peter Millar Collection looks like a muumuu compared to a similar polo from TravisMathew. If you’re thoroughly dialled into the size of the golfer on your list as well as his or her favourite brands, I’d say you’re better off shying away from giving away a golf polo this holiday season.

When you’re choosing golfing hats, outdoor wear and golfing jackets, you should consider form and function. Golf hats are a little simpler to choose from than polos since most of the brand names on the market are one-size-fits-all, but here, too, designs vary greatly from wide-brim to sportier looks. Brands like Gfore are trying to make a bold lettering statement, but that does not suit everybody. I want to wear something that doesn’t necessarily look like a golf hat but is breathable and light enough to get me to work out. Consider what kind of conditions your golfer is going to play in. When I play in hot and humid weather, I’m trying to get as cool as I can. So if I play where it is likely to be windy and probably even blustery, I want a hat made of thicker material for insulation and the assurance that it won’t fly off my head.

The outerwear and jacket fit is a little easier to get right than the polos. One thing that has been getting really heavy rotation for me this year is the Linksoul hooded windbreaker. This gets more time on dog walks than the golf course, but its flexibility is great. I’m also a huge fan of Linksoul ‘s bamboo pants, as they’re a lot more comfortable when I’m chasing kids around the park, riding my bike or flying.

Should I Gift Golf Clubs?

If you go to the store and pick up a club with the receiver (my wife came with me to the store to buy wedges a few holiday seasons ago after I had been distracted by the whole groove-change rule), golf clubs are a tough gift purchase. The look and feel of the players, the irons, the wedges and the putters is such a personal thing. It’s nearly impossible to find the right club for an individual without them being there.

When the golfer on your list is committed to a specific brand of golf clubs, companies like TaylorMade sell gift cards. It might be your best bet.

There is also the question of the length, the angle of the lie and the club specifications. Clubfitting has become normal practice and can be done at most local golf clubs that have a PGA professional or specialised fitters such as TrueSpec, Club Champion or GolfTec. Retail stores like Golf Galaxy and Dick’s are now making fittings for clubs you buy straight off the rack. Most (though not all) fitters will waive their fitting fee when you purchase a membership. A series of golf lessons can provide a way to improve the game.

Is A Personalised Golfing Bag A Good Gift For A Golf Enthusiast?

the best golfing gifts

It can be pretty easy to tell if a golfer on your list could use a new bag. Golf bags are likely to get a beating. Before buying a new bag for your golfer, you should ask yourself the following questions: does he or she mainly walk or ride? Will he fly a lot, or does she? Would this be their primary bag, or do they have room for a speciality model? You can buy small “Sunday” bags or get huge “crew” bags used by the pros (overkill for me, but many club members use them).

And, if they’ve mentioned that they’re going to take their first golf trip on a plane, consider getting them a travel case for their golf bag.

Do You Want To Buy A Golf Themed Gift On A Budget?

Thankfully we have you covered. We have a wide range of personalised golfing gifts including personalised golfing towels, personalised tees, personalised golf balls, and many more golf themed gifts for the golf lover in your life!

Here’s a few of our favourite low-cost gold themed gifts:

Personalised Golf Towel – Just £11.99

Every golfer needs to look after their clubs and a good towel helps. To keep the hands and club grips dry, getting a golf towel is necessary to help with that all important shot. And why not get them a great gift for any golf enthusiast with this Personalized Golf Towel.

For any name up to 12 characters in white, this lightweight and luxurious golf towel can be personalized.

personalised golf towels

Personalised Metal Golf Set – Just £13.99

Great for teeing off for a game of Golf on the Fairway come an afternoon, our Custom Golf Set with personalisation is the ideal gift for the golfer you’ve come to know and love. This is engraved with GOLFER No.1 (as a set text) and you can then personalise it with the initials of your loved one.

personalised metal golf set

Personalised 4 Pack of Metal Golf Tees – Just £12.99

personalised golf tees

Personalised Golf Score Book

Personalised Golf Score Book

An avid golfer will never own enough tees, even though they’re just for aesthetic reasons. So why not get these gorgeous, stylish personalised Golfing Gifts to be proudly displayed alongside your recipients other golf memorabilia, a pack of 4 customised and personalised metal golfing tees are the perfect memento for a keen golfer.

Customise this set of four silver toned polished golf tees with up to 13 characters of any name for the unique personalisation of these golfing must haves.

If you would like to see our full range of personalised golfing gifts then click here, alternatively, head over to our store to find out what other personalised items might take your fancy, our gifts are unique and perfect for him, her and the kids. You’ll be surprised by how affordable all of our personalised products are.



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