The Best Backpacks For Primary School Kids

the best backpacks for primary school kids

Your child’s school bag is likely to be the hardest thing on your back to school shopping list to buy. The bag can be used every day to carry things to and from school. This must be able to endure everyday use, including travel to and from school, locker storage, and the rough treatment that children give to their belongings.

Since it receives regular, everyday use, you need to know what to look for in a bag.

Quality Counts When It Comes To Backpacks

The largest range of school bags are available during the back-to-school shopping season. You’ll find that quality and price will differ a lot during this period. This period is the perfect time to take advantage of backpack sales. Just remember to shop wisely.

You may be tempted to purchase a backpack that’s inexpensive but trendy, and just presume that if you have any issues, you’ll be able to fix it. The problem is that after the back-to-school season, you probably won’t be able to find a decent backpack easily.

Cheap, low-quality backpacks typically last for a few weeks to a few months. That’s only long enough for all back-to-school products on store shelves to be replaced with seasonal goods. Slim backpack selection, which remains, is often limited to one or two choices if the store continues to carry backpacks. Limited choices that suffer from quality issues and may not suit your child properly either.

A Few Things to Check

  • To look for a better backpack, Consumer Reports magazine recommends you look at the bag, inside and out, and keep an eye out for the following:
  • Avoid damaged, uneven or sloppy stitching that could easily be undone.
  • Check the raw or uneven edges of the fabric that could tear, forget the backpacks with these weaknesses.
  • Pass on zippers that are freely exposed to the environment. Alternatively, use the zippers that have fabric flaps over them to keep the water and other factors out of the bag.

A Backpack Needs to Fit Properly

“Backpacks that may not fit appropriately or are inappropriately used have the potential to cause back and shoulder strain or discomfort. When searching for a backpack, consider quality and comfort above price. Sometimes, the best backpack might not be the most trendy or expensive.

1. Select the appropriate size: the width of the bag should be proportional to the width of the individual. E.G. a small child should not opt for an adult backpack. In addition, the height of the backpack will range from about two inches below the shoulder blades to the waist or only slightly above the hip.

2. Look for large straps with shoulder padding, both to provide more support, and to protect the shoulders from undue pressure. It is critical that both straps are used to distribute the weight of the backpack equally. Having just one strap adds additional pressure to one shoulder. Having adjustable straps is useful, not just for proper fit but also for proper positioning – again, the backpack should be slightly above the waist, and both straps should stay an even length.

3. Go backpacks with pockets, slots and dividers for even weight distribution: In addition to using all shoulder straps and ensuring that the pack is at the correct height, consider backpacks that have pockets, slots and dividers for even distribution of extra weight. Heavier objects should be positioned closer to the back of the individual, within the bag. Lighter objects can be sitting further away from the body.

4. Hold the weight of your packed bag at 15% of your child’s body weight. It’s important not to weigh the backpacks down. This is particularly true with children. The bag, as well as its contents, is not supposed to exceed more than 15% of a person’s weight.

A 100-pound child’s packed backpack should weigh no more than 15 pounds, whereas a 60-pound infant should be no more than 9 pounds.

5. Check before you purchase: Carry a couple of personal things that you would usually bring in your bag to the store with you. Slip them in the backpack while you try to get a better idea of weight distribution, etc.

6. Whether you have chest or waist belts, make sure they’re balanced on your child properly. Many backpacks have chest or waist belts designed to help distribute weight. When your child is not properly positioned, it does not help to transfer weight and can even contribute to pain.

  • A hip belt will go around your child’s hips.
  • The chest strap will be changed to put the shoulder straps in so that the wearer’s arms can move more.
  • The chest strap should be positioned where it is ideally suited to the child.

Consider Your Child’s Personal Style

Your child should wear a backpack to and from school every day of school. Although proper fit and good quality are the most important factors to look for, style is still an aspect to consider. You want to know that your child really enjoys the backpack they’re going to carry over the course of the year.

If your child chooses a low-quality backpack with a bad fit because it has a common cartoon character or movie character splashed all over it, you can still compromise by following this strategy:

  • Search for vibrant colours and trendy designs on high-quality backpacks.
  • Get something that’s personalised with their name.
  • When you have a colour or design that your child likes, add accessories to the theme that they want to customise their backpack. This is where you can attach key chains and fobs to demonstrate your child’s personal interests. You may also sew or glue patches from a craft shop.
  • Reflectors and reflective tape are additional design add-ons that improve protection. Whether your child is waiting for a school bus along the road or walking to school, add reflective items to your child’s backpack. Small reflectors can be sold in sports goods stores. Sewing and art shops are good sources of reflective tape.
  • Blinking lights that your child has to turn on or off are not a safe option to keep children visible on their journeys to and from school. Although adults may remember to turn on the flashing light attached to their jacket or bicycle, children are often not able to remember to turn on or off the light all the time. Alternatively, stick with reflective patches and sew-on reflective tape that will always be on your child’s clothing.

Some Extra Tips for Shopping For Backpacks For Your Child

Children may be loyal to some retailers, so you’re definitely going to want to visit one of those retailers for your child’s backpack. Take a look at the backpacks sold by Target, Kohls, Aeropostale, Walmart, Delia’s, and Hollister. You can’t beat LL Bean and Land’s End if you want a durable backpack that lasts and takes a beating.

Resist the temptation to buy a bag without your tween’s approval. The bag is a fashion accessory for a tween, and they want to show their unique style and personality. Help your tween make a wise decision, but let your child have the space to make the final pick.

Speaking of personality, some of the best backpacks to buy for girls these days come fully personalised. Personalised bags ensure your child stays on trend, never loses or mixes up their backpack with someone else and has something for school that is unique and personable to them.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-personalised backpacks for girls, boys and tweens in 2020.

Personalised Backpacks For Boys

Personalised Gaming Controller Black Backpack

personalised gaming backpack

Personalised Monster Truck Blue Backpack

personalised monstor truck backpack for boys

Personalised Tractor and Trailer Blue Backpack

tractor theme backpacks for boys uk

Personalised ‘Yellow Digger’ Black Backpack

yellow digger backpack for boys

Personalised Backpacks For Girls

Personalised Butterfly Hot Pink Backpack

butterfly backpack in hot pink for girls

Personalised Emoji Bunny Hot Pink Backpack

girls personalised emoji backpack

Personalised Magical Fairy Hot Pink Backpack

fairy princess backpack

Personalised Rainbow Unicorn Hot Pink Backpack

personalised rainbow unicorn backpack for girls

Personalised Backpacks For Tweens

Personalised ‘Purrfect Cat’ Black Backpack

cat themed backpack for tweens

Personalised Gold Heart Black Backpack

fashionable personalised backpack for tween girls uk

To see more personalised items for girls and boys, including many more personalised backpacks, PE kit bags, lunch bags and more click here. We hope you found this guide to choosing the best backpacks for primary school kids useful.


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