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A personalised watch or an engraved watch is one of the best gifts you could give to your partner, family member or loved one. A personalised watch acts a memento of your relationship together, of memories that can be awoken with a simple glance at the engraving.

Loved ones treasure personalised gifts, they become sentimental and lifelong keepsakes. They are probably one of the most precious gifts you could give to someone on their birthday, for christmas, for valentines day or just because you love them.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the thought processes behind gifting a personalised watch, and take a look at some of the best personalised watches for her, him, friends, kids and other family members.

What Does A Personalised Watch Symbolise In A Relationship?

gift a personalised watch

If you’re panicking because you don’t have the right gift for your loved one this season, and you’re not quite sure, you’re lucky, because you’re hardly ever wrong with watches. They’re timeless, trendy and almost always perfect. A watch is one of the best practical accessories you might have, and it has a number of other advantages.

While watches carry many meanings, they have a deeper meaning, and you may want to know what the other secret meanings of watches are.

Overall, and despite the subjectiveness of watches across cultures and nations, watches have a common meaning – they reflect a special moment in time. For this purpose, watches can be gifted as graduation, engagement, or business gifts.

Other factors for selecting personalised watches as gifts and symbols include:

  • Good gift of time – a watch is as practical as it is fashionable, and if you give anyone a watch, they might be better off. The watch would also improve the appearance of the wearer, giving them a more professional and polished look. For example, a nice business watch for women is the perfect gift for a powerful woman.
  • Great Everyday Wear – the best watches are durable and designed to be worn on a regular basis.
  • Elevation of character – even if you’re not a watchman, it goes without saying that a watch, whether elegantly designed with a delicate mesh band or a classic chronograph, has a special character.
  • Nice reminder – a personalised watch is really meaningful, too. Wearing a watch that has been gifted will always remind you of the person who gave you the watch.

Personalised Watches For Her

You should know that one of the best gifts to give a woman in your life is a watch. Watches are timeless pieces that can be worn as a fashion accessory, for special occasions or as a token of your affection engraved with a personal inscription.

Not only can the watch remind her that you remembered the things you both enjoyed together (if they were into watches), but the watch also has a much deeper significance. It is a declaration of unity; that we are in this together, every second of the day.

The watch means the man is giving his time to the woman and seeing the watch; the woman can see each second of every day, every minute and every hour.

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Personalised Watches & Engraved Watches

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Personalised Watches For Him

Women are sometimes seen as recipients of gifts in relationships, but that does not excuse women from giving gifts to their men.

It also takes a little thought for a woman to select the right gift, which is why women’s gifted timepieces often bear some weight. That said, here’s what it means for a woman to give a watch to a man.

The watch is a woman’s declaration that her time is a man’s. That’s to say; your time is my time.

It’s the woman’s way to stay in touch, too. Whenever you miss your more significant other, you need to note that the other person is waiting for you every minute and every second. The watch means that they will always be by your side.

It’s also very symbolic to give a man a watch as a wedding present. It’s practical to keep track of time, and it’s also a reminder that we do have to spend every moment with our loved ones.

A gorgeous new watch tells your partner that you love and enjoy your time together and that every minute of that special day and all the days to come will always be on your mind.

To make your gift extra special, you might start the ticking the watch on the day or the morning of your wedding, symbolising the beginning of your married life together.

As described above a watch would also make a great wedding gift for a guy, because it’s fashionable, re-wearable, personal, and makes a perfect keepsake.

Personalised Own Handwriting Men’s Minimalist Grey Watch

personalised watch for men

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personalised watch for him

Personalised Watches For Friends

Here’s what it means to give your friend a watch – it means that your time is a great treasure, and the watch often indicates a long friendship.

The watch could also reflect positive thoughts, and you hope that your friend is happy every day and that they will always be with you.

Personalised Own Handwriting Men’s Minimalist Black Mesh Watch

personalised watch for a male friend

Personalised Watches For Kids

At any age, giving your child a gift, a watch reflects the confidence and expectation that your child will always value their time.

The concept behind giving your child a watch is that they will be able to seize the time they have, learn, acquire as much information as they can, and eventually be successful.

Personalised Pink ‘Time Teacher’ Butterfly Watch

personalised watch for little girl

Personalised Blue ‘Time Teacher’ Football Watch

personalised watch for little boy

Is Gifting A Watch Bad Luck?

As described above, there are different values held by different cultures and beliefs, which is why giving someone a watch may not be the best idea at least not all the time.

In certain cultures, people would not consider a gift watch. In Feng Shui, for example, gifts that display time, such as watches and clocks, symbolise stealing time, and also a short life span.

In these differing cultures, it would be a good idea to give a precious stone to a loved one as precious stones are thought to promote good health and a long life.

  • Turquoise is believed to bring healing
  • Hematite improves memory and focus
  • Amber preserves wellbeing

Some people and societies believe that giving a watch is a bad gift because it would be bad luck to give someone a watch because it’s bad, and it would shorten the relationship.

Although watches are seen in the Western world as an ideal gift, other cultures, such as the Chinese, frown on the gifting of watches, they believe that a good gift must be inspired by the natural world and able to spread happiness.

As a result, watches are also not the best gift because watches and clocks are assumed to give time to the current relationship between the giver and the recipient of the watch.

Such gifts may turn out to be inauspicious, as well because of the passage of time and the fact that this passage of time means a short life span.

Therefore the next time you think of giving a loved one, make sure you thoroughly understand their values and cultures and then find the right gift.

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