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the best personalised gifts for kids

Choosing children’s gifts can be hard, regardless of the occasion! This is particularly true if they’re not your own babies. You want to give them a gift that they’re going to love that parents consider useful, and that doesn’t break the moment they play with it. Having the right children’s gifts is such a growing dilemma that I’m going to help you out — introducing my best advice on choosing children’s gifts guide!

A bottle of champagne, a bowl of nibbles and a place to relax. They’d be the top of my list of perfect mommy presents. But to be honest, let me have five minutes of peace to go to the bathroom, and I’d be satisfied! When it comes to finding the right gifts for kids, I have a lot of tips to give. Since raising kids of my own and attending several of their friend’s birthday parties, I’ve learned the art of choosing children’s gifts. So, forget buying gift vouchers and clothes that never fit, just use some of these suggestions instead:

Age-appropriate Toys

Each toy is made with a particular age group in mind. Many of them have tiny pieces that could be swallowed. Many require a higher level of cognitive abilities to be able to use them. As a general guide, look for toys that would suit their child’s age whilst buying a gift. If you struggle to find something age-appropriate then craft and colouring items always go down a treat, personalised pencil cases and stuff for school always seems to be a winner as the kids can’t wait to show them off in the classroom.

Educational Gifts

Just because a toy or gift is educational, that doesn’t mean it’s dull! There are so many educational games, books, posters and tech available that you’d be very unfortunate not be able to find something, look for those that are durable, stylish and affordable.

At Issy we have a few gifts that might help you achieve this educational aim, take a look at a few of our recommended gifts for kids.

Personalised Pink ‘Time Teacher’ Butterfly Watch For Girls

personalised watch to help you tell the time for girls

Personalised Blue ‘Time Teacher’ Football Watch – For Boys

persoanlised watch for boys to help them tell the time

Useful Gifts

Adding plastic to the child’s set of toys just because you intend to give them a present is very meaningless. On the other hand, giving them a very useful gift helps all. Many of the best presents my girls have been given are items they will always use, such as chalkboards, dress-up sets or our Constructive Eating like children’s cutlery and plate sets. These types of gifts aren’t much fun for the kids but hell they’re handy for me!

Personalised ‘Tatty Teddy’ 3 Piece Cutlery Set – Very Useful Gift

personalised cutlery for kids

Gifts Targeted At The Kids Interests

older children are more likely to have unique interests that they enjoy, such as playing sports or drawing. Some carefully chosen hobby-based items are always popular. For example, a personalised plane gift would fit an aviation-made child, while a girl who likes to sew would love to make her own custom personalised teddy bear. Here we have some sports themed gifts that are also really practical and will get lots of use at home and school:

Personalised Claret and Blue Football Fan Lunch Bag (other teams colours available)

personalised football lunchbag for school

Personalised’ Purrfect Cat’ Drinks Bottle – For Kids Who Love Cats

personalised water bottle for girls

Hands-on Gifts for Kids

Kids love to be active! Many hands-on science activities will suit the bill well for older children. What about a pair of personalised Stilts for younger children? If you arent overly keen on stilts, then there’s a lot of personalised circus equipment that might take your fancy. The kids will surely love each of these options.

Kids Gifts Parents Love Aswell

As parents, the last thing we want to see happen is that my child receives a gift that creates more work for me and not that much happiness for my child either. While I’m not trying to rid myself of my children, it would be nice to have a little time for me. And the gift they enjoy that they can use on their own is high on my positive list.

You can see more of our personalised gifts on our website by clicking here – if you would like to see more personalised gifts specifically for children then click here.


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