Personalised Gift Ideas For Girls 2022

the best personalised gifts IDEAS FOR GIRLS

Girls these days expect a little more than a personalised keyring when receiving a customised gift for their birthday or christmas gift. It’s 2020 people, that means you’re going to have to be a little more creative however there are personalised gifts that never seem to go out of fashion and are needed every day especially by girls!

See girls love stationary and so personalised stationery is still top when it comes to buying girls something that’s unique to them. So what’s the best personalised stationary gifts you can get for girls and what other unique and personalised gifts would girls of all ages simply love to receive? Let’s find out.

Personalised Stationary Gifts For Girls

Number one choice for personalised gifts for girls in 2020 is stationary. Lucky for you we have a wide range of personalised stationery available on our site ranging from unicorn, rainbow and fairy pencil cases full of coloured pencils so the recipient can feel super lucky in the classroom and show off all of her custom items to her classmates. Buying personalised stationary means that it’s highly unlikely that items will get lost or go missing and if they ever do, they will probably always make their back to their rightful owner because of the name written on them.

Personalised Pencil Cases For Girls

Every girls wants to have the best pencil case to show off on the class room table at school, that’s why you should consider buying your daughter, neice or little sister a personalised pencil case complete with colouring pencils. Here’s some of the coolest ones available, these cases are also tried and tested so we know that girls love them. That means that if you’re buying one as a gift you can rest assured that the recipient will most likely absolutely love it! Let’s take a look at some great personalised pencil cases for girls:

Personalised ‘Purrfect Cat’ Black Pencil Case

personalised black cat pencil case for girls

Personalised Gold Heart Black Pencil Case

personalsied black and gold pencil case for girls

Personalised Bunting Pencil Tin with Colouring Pencils

personalised pencil tin for girls with bunting

Personalised ‘Follow your Dreams’ Pencil Tin and Colouring Pencils

follow your dream personalised pencil case for girls

Personalised Unicorn and Rainbow Pencil Tin with Colouring Pencils

unicorn pencil tin, personalised for girls

Personalised Pencils & Colouring Pencils For Girls

If they have a special pencil case already or if you simply want to get them a few more HB pencils or colouring pencils then make them feel extra special by getting some personalised ones. Here are some of our most popular personalised pencils for girls:

Personalised Pack of Pencils and Colouring Pencils

mixed colouring pencils personalised for girls

Personalised Pack of 12 Colouring Pencils

personalosed colouring pencils for girls

Personalised HB Pencils For Girls 

personalised hb pencils for girls

Personalised Bags Make Great Gifts For Girls

Second on our list is personalised bags, these can be backpacks, sports kit bags, swimming drawstring bags and tote bags, you can select a design that best suits the girls personality and age, the personalised tote bags come in black with gold printed text on them and are great for teenagers and elders girls who don’t want to carry around a hot pink backpack with a unicorn printed on it which, if you must know, a younger girl would absolutely adore!

The Best Personalised Bags For Little Girls

Let’s take a look at some of the best personalised bags you can gift to your favourite little girl and see which one you most prefer:

Personalised ‘Purrfect Cat’ Black Backpack

black backpack with pink and white cat personalised gift for girls

Personalised Gold Heart Black Backpack

black backpack with gold personalised writing on for girls

Personalised Magical Fairy Hot Pink Backpack

hot pink personalised fair theme backpack for girls

Personalised Unicorn and Rainbow Hot Pink Backpack

personalised rainbow unicorn hot pink backpack for girls

Personalised Gifts For Girls For Christmas

If you are looking for personalised gifts for girls for Christmas then there are some great options available to you, of course little girls love to draw and colour so you could buy them some of the personalised stationery we showed you above but if you want something a little cooler and a little bit more unique then you’ll just love these little girls personalised water bottles. There are many styles available and you can add names uptown 12 characters long. With tap water being promoted throughout the UK and the world they are also perfect for travelling whether at home or abroad and they’re great to take to school or to the trampoline centre to rehydrate after an intense play workout.

Personalised Waterbottles For Girls

Personalised ‘Me To You’ Drinks Bottle

me to you personalised drinks bottle

Personalised Emoji Bunny Drinks Bottle

rainboe cupcake emoji personalised water bottle gift for girls

Personalised’ Purrfect Cat’ Drinks Bottle


Personalised Stocking Fillers For Xmas

Stocking fillers are amust at christmas time because not everything is about the big presents, a lot of the time, girls especially, love to open a lot of small gifts, it makes it seems like they’ve been gifted a LOT of things rather than just a few. Let’s take a look at some of the best personalised stocking fillers for girls in 2020.

Personalised ‘Magical Fairy’ Children’s Apron

personalised apron for girls

Personalised Pink ‘Time Teacher’ Butterfly Watch

personalised watch for girls

Give a girl the gift of time, this watch will help the recipient to learn how to tell the time, what greater gift could you possibly give.

Personalised ‘Christmas T-Shirt’ Teddy Bear

personalised teddy bear for girls christmas

Personalised Religious Gifts For Girls At Christmas

Another great gift idea for Christmas for girls are more religious themed items like personalised crosses and bibles, for many people Christmas is still a very Holy time and even if the recipient isn’t religious it’s a great way for them to learn the true meaning and true importance of Christmas.

Children’s Personalised Bibles

Personalised Holy Bible – The King James Version

personalised holy bible for girls

Personalised ‘Noah’s Ark’ Holy Bible

personalised nohas ark bible for girls

Childrens Personalised Religious Jewellery

Children’s Personalised Silver Cross Necklace With Gold Love Heart 

personalised cross neckalce for girls sterling silver

Personalised Gifts For Girls – Christmas Eve

Yes we have mentioned Christmas present but if you want to be the favourite gift giver this Christmad then you should consider dropping your gifts of or having them ready the night before as no christmas is complete these days without a Christmas eve box. The christmas eve boxes we sell are personalised and come empty so you can fill them with whatever you want to! They’re reasonably priced and make christmas a doddle when filled with activities and food for the reindeer and Santa.

Personalised Christmas Eve Box Gift For Girls

Christmas eve boxes are filled by loved ones with activities and facts to keep girls entertained on christmas eve while they are patiently anticipating the arrival of santa with their gifts! Activities in the box usually include a treasure hunt, word searches, dot to dot games, puzzles, sweets, instructions and kits for leaving Santa and his reindeers treats as well as a christmas eve gift which is the equivalent of them opening one of their presents early. Girls love them and the personalised boxes themselves are wonderful. It’s become a tradition in our home and we wouldn’t be without one for our girls, if you haven’t had a xmas eve box before, now is the time.

Personalised ‘Tiny Tatty Teddy and Reindeer’ Wooden Christmas Eve Box

personalised christmaz eve box for girls

There’s still plenty more personalised gifts for girls on our website, click here to head over to our store for more gifts that you can personalise. On the other hand you can search for the key search terms below to find the products and gifts you want and need and are most interested in:

We hope you found this guide to personalised gifts for girls useful, good luck with buying a gift for the little or not so little girl in your life!



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