Personalised Christening Gifts Top 10 For 2022

personalised christening gifts

Do you have a child that will soon be baptised or Christened, or maybe you’ll be attending such a service? This is a special time in the lives of everyone involved, including all the members of the family and friends who attend. Everyone needs to understand the meaning of this event and to know how to act.

Since this is a time of celebration, correct etiquette is important for the sacrament to be honoured. Whether you are the host family or the participant of Christening, baptism, or the child’s commitment to Christ, you will know that this is a significant day to be handled with due regard. Following such guidelines that avoid embarrassment or something that could cause you to cringe later.

Because each Church is different, the priest or other individual conducting the ceremony will most likely direct you through the process and also explain what to expect in advance. If you are attending a christening or baptism you’ll probably be looking for a wonderful gift to give to the child as a keepsake memento of the day or a wonderful gift for those who helped make the day possible like the priest, church and godparents.

What Are The Best Gifts For Christenings & Baptisms?

Personalised gifts are by far the best gifts to give a child and the child’s parents on the day of the Christening. Personalised gifts for christening range from personalised silver jewellery to a personalised bible. Here are some of the best ideas.

If there is anything you’d like to give, make it something the child will hold for years to come. If you want to give a Bible, then a personalised bible is a great idea. You can’t go wrong with traditional silver pieces, such as a carved silver spoon, cup, or picture frame.

Candles are also a really great idea as they can now be personalised with a custom verse from the bible or a sweet message to the child, parents or godparents of the child being Christened.

Top 10 Christening Gifts For Children

Personalised Holy Bible – The King James Version Personalised ‘Truly Blessed’ Traditional Christening Photo Album Personalised ‘Boofle Baby’ Photo Album Personalised ‘Noah’s Ark’ Holy Bible Personalised ‘Truly Blessed’ Christening Pillar Candle
personalised holy bible for christenings uk personalised photo album for christenings photo album personalised for christening gifts personalised noahs ark bible personalised candle for christenings
Personalised ‘Tatty Teddy’ 3 Piece Cutlery Set Personalised Angel Pendant Necklace and Box Personalised Cute Giraffe and Initial 7×5 Box Photo Frame Personalised Heart Trinket Box with Rosary Beads and Cross Personalised Trinket Box with Rosary Beads and Cross Round Box
personalised christening cutlery gift personalised cross necklace christening gift personalised christening photo frames uk personalised rosary beads for christening silver cross rosary in a personalised trinket box for christenings in the uk

Personalised Gifts For Godparents

The host family may want to give something to their godparents. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s meant to be unique and special to the relationship. The embossed or etched picture album is something that helps to hold the memory of the moment.

One of the best gifts you can give to your godparents is a photo of the day in a personalised photo frame with a message on it thanking them for their role in your child’s life and for their commitment to ensure the best for them in life.

This holy cross motis photo frame can be personalised with a custom message to make it perfect for a christening memento.

personalsied photo frame for god parents

Personalised Christening Gift For The Parents

It’s a nice idea for godparents and close relatives to get a personalised gift for the parents of the child being Christened or Baptised. Memory boxes, certificate holders and candles.

Personalised Baby Animal Friends White Leather Keepsake Box

personalised christening keepsake box

Donations & Thank You Gifts To The Church

While many pastors and priests do not expect a donation, a financial contribution to the Church is often appreciated. You may leave it with a note in the collection box or discreetly offer it to the pastor directly after the ceremony.

Organising The Christening or Baptism

As soon as you know that you want your child to be committed to Christ, you should contact the church office. You may need to include details such as the date of birth, the name of the infant, the names of the parents and the names of the godparents or sponsors. Each Church can, according to its customs, ask for additional data. Let the pastor or the administrative person know how many people you plan to be present so that, if possible, plans can be made. It can include sitting during the church service and standing with the infant during the baptism.

Many of the churches require and even promote guests to attend the ceremony. You can submit formal, e-mail, or verbal invitations. It’s also a good idea to give directions to someone who doesn’t know the traditions of your Church and be willing to answer questions. You may find any ritual to be common sense or normal, but to someone who has never been to your place of worship, it can all seem odd.

Don’t be late. In fact, it’s a good idea for the child’s family to be christened or baptised to arrive at the Church a few minutes early so that everyone can sit down together. For certain situations, the Church may have reserved seats, so address this with the clergy for advance.

It is also necessary to give guidance to someone who is not acquainted with the practices of your Church and be willing to answer any questions they might have without judgment. You may find some of the rituals to be common sense or routine. But, to someone who has never been to your place of worship, it can all seem odd. Give them a few tips to help avoid an awkward or unpleasant situation.

Guests Attending A Christening or Baptism

The Christening, baptism, and dedication ceremonies serve as the introduction of the child to the Church and observe the sacraments as commanded by God. It is a solemn yet happy day that reflects the traditions of the Church, so make sure you understand what is required of you.

You may obtain an invitation in any number of formats. A formal invitation to the RSVP will also be requested from you. And if you’re invited by phone, let the host family know whether or not you’re going to be there. They need to know how many people they’re going to be sitting with during the church service or mass.

Because churches differ in layout and formality, they play safe and dress conservatively. People are usually good with suits or dress trousers and casual coats. Women can choose to wear knee-length or longer dresses or comfortable black trousers and blazers. If the host family claims that the Church is coming-as-you-are, this usually means that it is very informal. You can still dress beautifully, but if you want to be more casual, ask the host for more details.


Most babies who are christened or baptised wear christening gowns or an heirloom outfit that has been passed down over generations and means something special to the family. To keep it fresh, it’s a good idea to wait until right in front of the church service to put it on the baby and then take it off immediately afterwards.

Older children will dress appropriately for the occasion like going to Sunday service. They’re going to be the centre of attention, so give them some etiquette guidance in advance. If children know what is expected of them in advance, they are more likely to behave.


After Christening or baptism, most host parents will have dinner, often at home. This doesn’t have to be a sit-down dinner. Coffee, tea, fruit and other finger food are appropriate. The main aim is to celebrate the special day of the baby.

If You Can’t Make It

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend the Christening or baptism, give your regrets as soon as possible. It’s always good to give a gift to celebrate this special occasion. A personalised gift would be a wonderful gesture.

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