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Back-to-school shopping is an exciting rite of passage for you and your kids, but it’s a hassle as well. New is fun — new starts, new teachers, new mates, new shoes, new boots, new school supplies, a new lunch box, and a new backpack.

But the annual routine is likely to be exhausting and stressful, financially, organizationally, and emotionally. Outfitting kids with all the new equipment they’re going to need can feel like a herculean task.

We’re here to provide you with a practical guide to what you need to know about back-to-school shopping, including a final list of what you just need to buy.

Back-to-School Shopping in a Pandemic

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, back-to-school shopping for the 2020-2021 school year could look a little different. Many children may have normal, in-person education. Others will have distance learning or a combination of the two. Such adjustments may have an effect on your child’s school supplies.

For example, your child may need their own laptop computer and access to the Internet from home. We may need a complete range of school supplies for home and school — or they may only need supplies for home use. Consult with your child’s tutor to determine how to distribute your child’s resources and whether there are any pandemic-related updates that you need to be aware of.

Where to Start Back-to-School Shopping

First of all, consult with your child’s school for their unique lists, which can differ significantly from grade to grade, school to school, and teacher to teacher. Then compare the list of recommended things to what you already have. Often backpacks, lunch bags, notebooks, pencil boxes, etc. can last for a few years, sometimes they will wear out quicker and need to be replaced regularly.

Some programs have started to shift to having teachers buy most of the school supplies for their students to ensure that each child has the same things — and exactly what the teacher wants in the classroom. For these instances, a donation is offered to cover the expense of such items. Instead, some schools will partner with online providers that will purchase and distribute all essential supplies directly to you or your school.

Cost of School Supplies

Fun back-to-school shopping can also come with a high price tag. Nonetheless, resources are available to help reduce or offset these costs. Most places offer tax-free weekends for back-to-school shopping. Consult with your school and/or local government office to find out if your area is providing such programs.

Spending a little time to check rates at various stores also results in big savings being made. The beauty of shopping online is that it’s super easy to compare the shops and get the items you want and need to be shipped directly to your door or directly to the recipient of your purchase.

Beginning early also allows you time to take advantage of the various deals that appear to happen in the weeks before school begins. In addition, several retailers will offer back-to-school discounts — it can’t hurt to inquire.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and/or other school grants are usually available to support school supplies if the fees are hard, so please ask your child’s teacher or school administration if your family needs assistance.

In addition, many school districts (and individual schools) offer clothing programs where children can access new clothes, shoes, bags and other relevant items free of charge.

Clothes For Going Back-to-School

It’s no secret that kids are growing like weeds, so the back-to-school season is a perfect time to check out your child’s wardrobe and add the needed pieces. Here is a list of approved clothes that many children would like to have in their wardrobes. Yet there’s no ideal amount, just what fits best for your family — and your budget.

Some kids are going to have less in their wardrobes. Others are going to have more. All that really matters is that your child has a range of clean, well-fitting, comfortable school clothes that make them feel good.

The children’s needs can differ based on their age, gender, level of activity, personal style, the environment in which you stay, and how often you do the laundry, as well as how they wear school uniforms. If the clothes do not fit from last year, there is a need to replace them.

Personalised Back To School Items

It can be difficult to keep a hold of all of your supplies, particularly when everyone in your class at school is using the same things. That’s why it’s a great idea to get personalised stationery, personalised school bags and whatever else you can that’s personalised so there’s no mix up at school, no one can take any of your child’s things or get them mistaken for their own.  Personalised stationery can be customised with your child’s name or initials so they can easily locate their things when they need them and we are pretty sure all of their friends will think their pens, pencils and cases are super duper cool.

Personalised Stationery For Girls

Personalised stationery looks great, makes your child feel special and is a really inexpensive way of ensuring your child’s belongings stay their own. Take a look at some of the personalised colouring pencils, they’re fabulous!

Personalised HB Pencils

Children love their name printed on their things, so make time for school or have fun with these sets of 12 Pencils that come Personalised with the name or initial of your choice up to 12 characters long. These are available in Pink , Blue and Red so there are colours to make everyone happy!  Each customised pencil is topped with a rubber and there are 2 pencils per set.

personalised hb pencils for girls

Personalised Pack of 12 Colouring Pencils

Personalised these colourful colouring pencils for your child, you can fit up to 12 characters on them so spell their name, add their initials or add a word thats funny to both of you so she’ll know they are her pencils if she ever gets confused about who’s are who’s at school.

personalised colouring pencils for girls

Personalised Pencil Cases For Girls

No ones going to get your little girls pencil case mixed up with their own unless they have the same name and they buy the same pencil case, these cool pencil tins are great for storing the colouring pencils they come with and look super trendy on the classroom table! They are also really reasonably priced at under £15 each set.

Personalised Unicorn and Rainbow Pencil Tin with Colouring Pencils

personalised unicorn pencil case with pencils

Personalised ‘Follow your Dreams’ Pencil Tin and Colouring Pencils

personalised pencil case with colouring pencils

Personalised Girls Bags For Back To School

Whether it’s a PE kit bag, a school backpack or a school lunch bag we have got you covered. Our range of personalised bags come in a range of styles for varying uses, though we have bags in blue and black and other colours here are some of our most popular bags for girls, all in pink of course with different designs on them, your personalisation can be your child’s full name, nickname or their initials. Let’s take a look at the bags!

Personalised Backpacks For Girls Going Back To School

Personalised Butterfly Hot Pink Backpack Only £14.99

personalised butterfly backpack

Personalised Emoji Bunny Hot Pink Backpack – Only £14.99

emoji personalised girls backpack

Personalised Magical Fairy Hot Pink Backpack – Only £14.99

fairy princess personalised backpack

You can see more personalised backpack by clicking here.

Personalised PE Kit / Sports Bags

Personalised Narwhal Emoji Hot Pink P.E Kit Bag

personalised narwhal kit bag

Personalised Rainbow Hot Pink P.E Kit Bag

personalised rainbow kit bag

Personalised Lunch Bags For School Dinners

Personalised Rainbow Hot Pink Lunch Bag

personalised lunch bag girls pink

There are lots more personalised items for girls to go back to school with at the start of the new term, take a look around our online store or click here to see more bags and backpacks that can be personalised or here to take a look at all of the personalised pens and stationary that you can buy. 


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