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‘Issy’ is a family run business, and we take great pride in supplying you with only the best personalised gifts!

‘Issy’ was started during the lockdown, Adam, being a serial online business owner, father to Isabella and husband to Sarah, was inspired by his daughter to name the business “Issy” after her, and as an idea for his wife, to “go it alone” and put her stamp on the world. And so begins the first chapter of something new, Sarah will be the heart and soul of this new venture.

I (Sarah) have always felt that there is no better feeling than buying a gift for a loved one, and personalising a gift for a loved one shows you care, it shows you have thought about what you want to buy them, and makes it unique and personal to them. I have often brought special personalised gifts for my Nan, Mum, Husband, and many other family members or friends, as it brings a smile to their faces and brings them memories they can treasure for years to come.

And so I know from many years of buying personalised gifts, that it can be hard to find unique and exciting gifts year after year for your loved ones, so when the ‘Issy’ site was formed I was excited to be able to help provide unique, carefully selected, personalised items for you all to buy!


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